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Agradezco a Britta por transmitir el conocimiento para el uso del método Buteyko, y después de utilizarlo puedo dar fé de una mejoría en la calidad de mi salud y mejor capacidad en mi respiración.  Gracias.


Online Buteyko Courses

Free Introductory Courses taught on zoom in English, Spanish and German:

As someone who suffered severe asthma, I can say that the the Buteyko Method has given me back my life!

I hope it changes yours as well!


What will be covered: 

  • Brief history of the Buteyko Method

  • Basic principles and science behind the method

  • One or two simple breathing exercises to get you going


Ways Buteyko can improve your life:

  • Improved asthma control using your breath

  • Enhanced energy levels

  • Better sleep, reduced snoring

  • Increased exercise tolerance and performance

  • Reduced tension and anxiety/stress

  • Improve digestion and bowel movements

  • And many more

Image by Sage Friedman

I loved taking Britta Becker's Buteyko Method course! I finally understand the science behind it and the key differences between Buteyko and other breathing systems out there. Now I also have a clearer idea of how my breathing is impacting my health and vice-versa. Practicing Buteyko for a short while has already helped my digestion and my ability to regulate stress. I would recommend it to anyone! 


Hi Britta!

I just wanted to let you know that my breathing is back to normal!  I am no longer needing to take deep breaths and feel like a new woman!  Thanks for all your help!


Upcoming Events

"Buteyko is a very interesting and effective method.  You notice results with each of the training steps, which is very encouraging.  Britta has been a professional TCM practitioner for many years, and so her training in other disciplines makes her teaching method and the information she shares even more helpful"


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