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Welcome to Asthma Wellness:

understanding asthma, finding solutions

A human being can survive about 3 weeks without food, a week without water, but without breath, only a for few minutes.   

Asthma can be a scary and debilitating disease.  Anyone who has suffered even one asthma attack knows the deep panic that sets in when your airways close up and the one thing we absolutely need to remain alive is taken away - AIR.  In addition to this, an asthmatic's life is punctuated by episodes of miserable flare-ups , or even worse, persistent symptoms, that can completely rob a person of their quality of life.  

This site was created to help anyone suffering with asthma, no matter how severe. Created by Britta Becker-Thomas, a Board Certified Acupuncturist since 1996. the site presents in depth information for patients and practitioners alike to find effective and natural solutions for asthma.  Learn about methods that have helped thousands of asthmatics world wide, such as the Buteyko Method, Chinese herbal remedies, and acupuncture.  Find out about nutritional, emotional and other life-style aspects which are also crucial to your recovery from asthma. 

Britta became severely asthmatic at age 49.  That, coupled with her background in Traditional Chinese Medicine and her training as a researcher in biology has made her passionate about helping anyone suffering from any form asthma.


Wishing you the very best on your journey,

           Britta Becker-Thomas, L.Ac, M.T.O.M., M.Sc.

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This site is intended only for educational purposes.  Please always consult your doctor/health care provider before changing anything in your asthma treatment.  While there are many techniques and life-style adaptations you can implement immediately to help improve your symptoms, please refrain from doing anything that you do not understand or feel uncomfortable doing.  If in doubt always ask your doctor/health care practitioner.

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